Your Life In The Sky

Ke Kilohana is a modern reflection of its surroundings, taking inspiration from the area and its history, and elevating it to a new level of style and taste. The interior’s loft-style design is inspired by the location of this building, using motifs, colors and textures taken from Kakaako’s vibrant art community and industrial warehouses. The exterior has a built-in pattern of windows and opaque walls that is reminiscent of the Kapa pattern the Hawaiians used in both their clothing and fabrics.


The striking yellow accent color of the signature Sky Lanai amenity spaces and the neutral blues and greys of the building’s façade are a reference to the Native Hawaiian Legend of Keaomelemele, a Hawaiian goddess who inhabited the sun-kissed, golden clouds. She was said to be one of the first persons brought by the gods to find a home in the Pacific. Ke Kilohana offers Hawaii residents a similar invitation to find and own a place in paradise.

Design Forward

Award-winning architect AC Martin collaborated with Honolulu-based CDS International to create a unique synergy between local and modern design. AC Martin is a Los Angeles based architecture, planning, interior architecture and research firm. For over 109 years, they have created enduring environments that affect people's lives in a positive way. CDS International is a Hawaii architectural firm with a 50 year history of innovation and collaboration in the fields of architecture, planning, sustainable design, and interior design.
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Featured Amenities

At Ke Kilohana, common areas are designed with an uncommon level of style, comfort and convenience. From our signature Sky Lanai with ocean and sunset views and The Sky Deck with sprawling open areas and BBQs to The Hub co-working space and the bright and airy lobby, you’ll find ample spaces to relax, entertain, be productive and enjoy life to the fullest.
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Featured Amenities